Senin, Agustus 25, 2008

Aquatic CQC 1st Session

Aquatic Close Quarter Combat (ACQC); Self-defense training in aquatic enviroment.
The objective of this training are:
1. Increasing endurance.
2. Develop mental and stress toughness.
3. Built Self awareness.
4. Sharpened self-defense in aquatic environment
5. and basic survival training

ACQC training include; Basic First Aid training on CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation).
Krav-Maga Indonesia BSD Team has attended this first training session.
and there will be 4 session in ACQC.

See below for the pictures;

Krav-Maga Indonesia
self-defense survival

"Si vis pacem para belum"
If you want a peace prepare for war

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