Kamis, Maret 06, 2008

Krav Maga Survival Fight

It's been two bloody years learning Krav Maga and its quite difficult for me to connect and interact with this martial art since these Martial Art are come from Israel, and related with their intellegent reputations and I'm came from Moslem society.... I know what you think.... don't be wrong... I'm the 'good guy' here.... It's ain't related with any kind of politics and any kind of movement. MAGZ are for every one!!.

All I know first time, I thought that Krav Maga will be the same Martial Art that I knew, Karate, Tae kwon Do or Jujitsu... But it's really different, this Martial Art it's used for Military for their self defense.

I learn Krav Maga on their Survival Fight technique. It's covering stress management training and overhelm fight. This technic is very applicable when you are in conflict zone and facing mob with large number.
You will know how you can deal with it and how you can counter it... it's very, very, very, harsh and hard training to cope with since I'm came from stable and peaceful nation, Indonesia.

It's very good to know that technique, learning on how their society deal with that kind of situations.

I mixed Krav Maga with our own style and I believe it will be useful for MAGZ student to cope with any kind of fight situations.... that's why MAGZ are Street Fight Mixed Martial Art.

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herry mengatakan...

wow..... :)

didit mengatakan...

where can i learn krav manga? could you tell me?

David mengatakan...

If you want to learn totaly only Krav Maga teachnique you can ask "Self Defense and Personal Safety blog; http://kusanagidojo.blogspot.com/. the owner of the blog was trained Krav Maga from TKM (Civilian).

But you can also learn Krav Maga from us but it's different from the above. Us (MAGZ) is already mixed, what we teach in MAGZ are Street Fight Technique (Combatives).

If you want to joint us, dont hesitate. Just let me now.