Selasa, Maret 25, 2008

Street Conflict Training

Written by: David

Working in conflict area will make your adrenalin pump up and physiologically stressed up. When facing that situations you need more then guts, bravery or martial art skill, you must have tactics, strategy, counterpart, imperturbability and understanding the local context on concern area.

“Conflict is simply conflict; it is internal, meaning within a country, if the protagonists are internally rooted and the cause of conflict can be identified as domestic. Here there does a rise a complication. The conflict may range from inability to communicate because of the depth of feeling and the gulf created by disagreements among the parties involved, to full-blown military hostilities among the same”.

Street conflict it’s still the same, its still a conflict also. I’ve got story back in the end of 2005 in Mota Ain, West Timor (Indonesia – Timor Leste border). The story goes that when my bus stop at Mota Ain bus terminal, My friend Jose got off to buy a pack of cigarettes. Lukas (Bus driver) came along and asked him also a pack of cigarettes. Jose said he did not have enough money. They started to argue. Lukas became very angry and attacked Jose. Jose hit back, wounding Lukas. All Lukas’s friends yelling “Hit him, hit him… “

I found my self in a dilemma. Should I help Jose, stop the fight, or stay put? If I attempted to help Jose, Lukas’s friends will attacked me and Jose, if I did not stop the fight some one could get killed, if I stay put Jose will be swarm overwhelm by Lukas’s friend.

Finally, cautiously I approached them and asked them to stop fighting, but instead of peace that I got was Lukas’s friends approached us with unfriendly face, holding wooden clubs, chopping knife, beer bottle and self-made rifle. I knew we have only 1% of survival if we fought them.

With the help of Mota Ain Preach, we persuade them to make peace. We invited them to go to one of the restaurant on bus terminal to settle the matter, we invited them to have drink “Sopi” (Fermented Enau Fruits) together. It’s a traditional ceremony to make peace reconciliation between Timorese warriors. Jose and Lukas sealed the bond of warrior brotherhood by drinking Sopi together and promised to live in harmony with the people around the border at Mota Ain area.

Based on the story above we can see that conflict can be triggered by small thing and could expand to much bigger case and the best way to have peace reconciliation is thru local context comprehension. In Timorese, conflicts always started by trivial things and expand to became tribal war.

If we found our self with that kind of situations, overwhelming by unfriendly mob, peace communications is the best thing to do, But if we can’t thru that! Fight like a hell to survive is the best options we can do.

In some circumstances may required pre-emptive action, which may or may not be violent, Situations awareness (It’s part of MAGZ training) that might avoid a dangerous situations developing.

In MAGZ your not only learn on how to fight and survive. You will be learn also on how to do pre-emptive action and situations awareness


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