Kamis, Maret 06, 2008

MAGZ Basic Training

In this session I would like to introduce you, our Mixed Martial Art system, MAGZ Basic Training. Our training system are divided into three main subject:

1. Stand up;
it's cover on striking, kicking, elbow, knee, and "body shield", it's a methode on how to made you body sturdy like shield.

2. Grappling;
It's cover on submission, throw, joint-lock, choke, etc.

3. Survival Fight;
It's cover on stress training, GUTS, overhelm fight and weaponry fight.

All student must completed all training system in minimum 2,400 hours.

Students who passed all training system will have Fighter certificate and also have an opportunity to participate in Indonesia MMA championship and also Krav Maga champioship (TBC).

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