Rabu, Maret 26, 2008

MARTIAL ART GROUND ZERO "Ground Grappling Games, Are you ready to play?"

Written by: Isan Aries Prasetya

When I heard about the phrase “Ground Fighting”…
I start to think it is just like playing the game.
So when you start to learn about ground fighting you’ll have so many tools to help you to finish the game.
Whether you’ll win or lose.
Just keep in mind, the key to success in the game is don’t ever let the opponent or the situation around you push you into the game.
Create your own game and you will win.
For example, we have to create some combination to win the game, remember all the techniques in ground grappling are connected to one another.
Like side mount + arm lock+ arm bar, they are brothers…they live for each other.
Once you have side mount position and then attack with arm lock, your opponent should defend by pulling his arm to protect from being submitted, you quickly change to arm bar…now you have your first Combo.
The Triangle and arm bar have similar relation.
You attack with arm bar and when your opponent defend by rolling and pushing his body forward he leaves an opening for triangle, you switch to that (triangle) and when he defends the triangle by pulling his arm and bring the arm to the same side of the body he may leave an opening for “omoplata” (Shoulder lock using the leg) the most exotic lock in BJJ.

Please visit this link; “Gracie VS Akebono”


And when you have all the sequences down, you really start to have the deadliest weapon ever by using it to create a solid game.

Isan Aries Prasetya

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