Senin, Maret 17, 2008

Street Fight Mixed Martial Art; MAGZ System

MAGZ it’s not a sport, and there are no specific uniforms. It’s designed to highly adaptive and practical training using drill and sparring. It focuses on body controlling (knees, elbows, neck, waist, ankles, shoulders, and head), real-life conditions (street fight or life threatening situations) and grappling.

Basic principles in MAGZ are;
- Go from defending to attacking as quickly as possible.
- Use body natural reflexes
- Strike at any vulnerable point
- Use any tool or object available to you
- You're not going to care how much damage you're going to cause.
- Cause as much damage as possible and run.
- Do not try to prolong a fight. Do what needs to be done and escape.

MAGZ origin and influences by other Martial Art such as, Karate, Thai Boxing, Classic Jujistu, Brazilian Jujitsu, Wrestling, and Krav Maga. We combine and develop from those Martial Art and make it more different.

In MAGZ training, we try to make the training conditions as real as possible, under worse-case conditions or from disadvantage positions, for example: against multiple attacker, when protecting some one else or against armed opponent.

MAGZ training consists of full-contact drill and sparring intended to familiarized the student with the stresses of violent situations.

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